Welcome to the dark world of Warhammer Fantasy Role Play.

This campaign takes place is based in the foot hills of the World’s Edge Mountains, not far from Bugman’s Brewery.

The players work for The Duke. A Mage of some power that has carved out a small realm for himself and his people in the shadow of Blackfire Pass. He has spent many a year establishing his town of River’s Edge.

Now is a time of turmoil as the forces from the chaos wastes to the North are being pushed back. The Empire, led by an ailing Karl Franz, attempts to rebuild and shore up it’s defenses. The Dwarven holds fight a losing battle against a tidal wave of Orcs, a fight made more desperate by the absence of many warriors gone to honor the pact between Men and Dwarves. The Elves hide in their forests and island retreats, rumors of a war among the Elves are rampant.

In this time the Duke has brought together a team of brave heroes that he hopes will help turn the tide of disaster he has seen looming in the too near future.

And for these heroes there is promise of glory and riches should they succeed. Failure will at best bring them death, for there are far worse things than death awaiting the weak. The gods of Law and Righteousness are gone. The laughter of dark and thirsting gods threaten to devour the world.

Saga of River's Edge