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People of the world

The players

  • Marcus Dillon, Ducal companion and sanctioned bounty hunter.
  • Mais Von Beckstein, Ducal Companion and noble of the Empire (without hereditary title).
  • Garrett Jax (Von Pulsovich), Ducal Companion, Officer in the Ducal Guard, and secretly noble of Kislev.
  • Arton Forestkeeper, Ducal Companion, Druidic Priest, and consultant to various logging concerns.
  • Vollmond (Decius VorKorsigan, 184th Lord of Stormholt, Heir to the Stag Throne, Honored Peer of the Orders of the Rose, Dagger, Spear and Garter, First of His Name ), Ducal companion, senior scribe, and secret noble of Tilia.
  • Richard, Arton’s imagionary friend, an invisible spiritual stoat.

People of River’s Edge

  • The Duke, Lord and ruler of River’s edge and it’s surrounding land.
  • Martin, a river crew captain, noted for enforcing his men to use cudgels instead of blades and axes.
  • William, a senior man on Martin’s crew
  • Boden, a minstrel who services the entire area, and is rumored to have been as far as the border princes and Kislev .
  • Kail, a bandit captured outside Leshil, currently imprisoned in the Duke’s dungeon.
  • Shayne, an old criminal with the enviable ability to escape the ducal dungeon
  • Jorstad, a bard with an interest in the chaos wastes, whereabouts currently unknown
  • Thogal, ambassador from the stonesinger clan, recently back from Tilia

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